Sleep Disorders: Had Enough of Snoring and Feeling Tired?

Sleep disorders are not a normal part of life. While everyone has trouble sleeping sometimes, it should not be a nightly battle. Fortunately, sleep medicine offers some restful solutions.

Some of the most common sleep disorders include obstructive sleep apnea, insomnia, bruxism (grinding your teeth), sleepwalking, and restless leg syndrome. To diagnose the sleeping problem, a sleep doctor will sometimes have the patient come to a sleep center for an overnight sleep study.

But diagnosing sleep apnea can sometimes be straightforward. If your husband or wife tells you that you snore and skip breaths at night, then you almost certainly have sleep apnea. (Not everyone who snores has sleep apnea, but almost everyone with sleep apnea snores.)

Other symptoms of sleep apnea include daytime fatigue, because breathing-disordered sleep is not as restful. But whether a sleep partner diagnoses your sleep apnea or your fatigue sends you to see your dentist or physician, you'll improve your health by seeking sleep apnea treatment.

Sleep apnea treatment can make your sleep more restful, leaving you less tired an in a better mood during the day. Plus, if you stop snoring, maybe your husband or wife will sleep better too!

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