A Sleep Mask Can Fix Your Sleep Apnea Symptoms

Sleep masks come in different varieties, but the most common sleep mask for sleep apnea sufferers is one that fits over the nose; this is usually most comfortable. However, there are some breathing masks that cover both the nose and mouth. There is also a type of CPAP mask that inserts small prongs into the nostrils.

Sleep masks are connected to CPAP machines or related breathing machines. A CPAP machine provides continuous air pressure that lets a person with sleep apnea breathe normally and sleep well all night long. This sleep apnea treatment can also alleviate snoring and other sleep disorder symptoms.

Sleeping with a mask on can take some getting used to, but it's a worthwhile investment for people with moderate or serious sleep apnea. Since it's important to use your sleep mask every night, you'll want to be sure that yours fits comfortably.

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Jim Du Molin

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